About KALD

The Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences (KALD) is a non-profit organization that collaboratively works towards helping all individuals, especially students in private schools and special education in Kuwait, who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Difficulties through setting up awareness programs, training courses, and other educational activities.

Masharee Al Khair, the charity foundation of Kuwait Projects Holding Company (KIPCO), funds KALD since 2007 by Chairwoman Mrs. Amaal Al Sayer and a volunteer group of educators, parents and specialists in the field of Learning Difficulties.

The Association was founded in 2007 to support and assist students with specific Learning Difficulties, a term used for people with an average or above average IQ, but with difficulties in learning and, sometimes, social skills.

KALD supports this group of students for several reasons: first, because their numbers are large. According to international statistics, 4% -10% of students have these difficulties. Second, they are a national and global wealth, where the intelligence rate of a large number of them puts them in the category of distinguished and geniuses who can enrich the world with their ideas, inventions and achievements if they are cared for since childhood. Therefore, the first logo of the association represents the colors of the Kuwaiti flag to confirm the identity of the association and confirm that the place of its launch is home.

After working in this field for several years it became clear that what is known as attention deficit disorder and ADHD has not been given enough attention and that no one in Kuwait is concerned with students with this disorder, despite the large number and its negative impact on their academic, psychological and social life.

The association then decided to reflect the new society's slogan of the society's work and philosophy so that it focuses on ADHD without giving up learning difficulties. Of every 10 children with ADHD, 2 have learning difficulties, especially reading and writing. Hence, the letter A in the middle is orange, the global color of this disorder, as a symbol. Learning difficulties will remain an important focus of KALD's work and are symbolized by the LD (learning difficulties) of the association's name.


To become a difference-making institution in the development of the educational services offered to students with ADHD and LD in the private schools and special needs schools in Kuwait.