Student Award 2023-2024

KALD 3d Persevering Student Award 2023-2024

For students with learning differences
(Learning Difficulties and/or attention hyperactivity disorder deficit)



In line with the strategy of the Ministry of Education to create educated generations capable of dealing with the realities of the modern era and serving themselves and their country, and in line with The Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences mission to help students with learning difficulties and ADHD, this award has been launched. Teachers evaluating students should put their emphasis should be on effort and perseverance and not only on achievement.

Objectives of the award:

  • Encouraging students with LDs and ADHD to persevere and strive
  • Spreading a culture of dealing with challenges among students with LD and ADHD and developing positive attitudes toward learning
  • Directing parents to follow up on their children and enhance their abilities
  • Strengthening the educational and social bonds between teachers and students

Terms and conditions:

  • Nominated students should have learning difficulties and/or attention deficit disorder
  • The nomination is made through a committee approved by the school administration
  • Each school nominates two students from the end of each academic stage:
    (Fifth grade - ninth grade - twelfth grade)

Areas of evaluation:

  • Aspects of evaluation include the literature on the student’s participation during the lesson in addition to the improvement in performance and academic achievement.

The role of participating schools:

  • Introducing the award to fifth, and ninth-twelfth-grade teachers (goals, terms, and steps) as soon as possible so that they have enough time to observe the students, evaluate their performance and nominate them for the award.
  • Teachers of the aforementioned classes will nominate two students for each class and fill out the application forms.
  • The school organizes appointments for members of the Student Award Committee to conduct interviews with nominated students
  • Results will be announced during a ceremony attended by officials, dignitaries, and parents as well as all the nominated students.